Engaged on Maui

This little "session" was something that I did for some friends while we were on a friend/family vacation to Maui back in 2022! There is a funny story behind this one though! I was SO incredibly excited to hear that our friends got engaged while we were there all together and I was even more overjoyed to take pictures for them as SOON as possible while we were in one of the most beautiful places in America. However, by the time I got to take pictures for them I had literally come down with the most dreadful, awful virus I had ever had in my life! LOL What are the chances. These pictures are beautiful and I truly gave it my all. I wished more than anything I would have been able to take more for them but I literally photographed until I gagged from a violent nausea. LOL I was feverish, nauseous, fighting chills, a respiratory infection AND an ear infection but I was NOT gonna let that keep me from photographing some of our best friends while we were on a once in a lifetime vacation somewhere as beautiful as this.